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State Treasury banking contracts may also be used by cities, counties, schools, and other political subdivisions.

Automated Clearing House & E payments

The State uses Automated Clearing House (ACH) services under this contract to send payments to consumers and vendors and to debit for payments due State of Nebraska agencies. Automating payments reduces expenses and staff time managing paper checks. Receiving funds electronically allows for more efficient cash management processes, increased availability of funds, and automated posting of payments to accounts receivable systems.

Internet Bill Pay Consolidation Services

This contract allows entities that receive home bill payments from consumers to receive the funds and information electronically. Entities can receive an electronic posting file that can be uploaded for automated posting into an accounts receivable system.

Credit Cards

This contract allows for the ability to accept credit card payments via the web, in person and over the phone.

Stored Value Cards (Branded Prepaid Debit Cards)

Branded prepaid cards are an excellent option for consumers to receive government payments or for employees to receive their payroll. Cards can be offered as an option to traditional direct deposit or in combination with direct deposit depending how the payments are allowed to be split for consumers. There isnít a cost to the State of Nebraska for this contract, and individuals receiving payments on cards can make individual decisions about how to spend funds off the card. This program further automates payables and allows for a payment mechanism for under banked constituents or those constituents who donít qualify for traditional bank accounts.

Purchasing Cards

This contract allows State agencies the ability to pay state expenses with a credit card and receive a rebate on the dollar volume processed. Examples would be conference registration, utilities, and purchase of books. The further automation of payables allows greater efficiencies and less time managing paper checks. The State program doesnít have a transaction average of minimum spending amount per card to qualify for the rebate. Also, card purchases can be restricted to what is acceptable under the agenciesí purchasing rules.

Deposit Slip Orders

This State contract helps agencies reduce expenses of deposit slip orders by 25-50%.

Remote Deposit

This contract provides a banking service that allows a user to scan checks and transmit the scanned images to a bank for posting and clearing. The basic requirements for remote deposit capture service include a computer, an internet connection, a check scanner and a bank account relationship.

If you have questions about the above contracts, please email us and a Treasury Management staff member will contact you.